DTA, Dance Teachers' Affiliation
Mission Statement
It is the Mission and Purpose of DTA, Dance Teachers' Affiliation to do and achieve the following as best as it and it's members can.


DTA, Dance Teachers' Affiliation WILL:


: Accept the qualifications of the Major Associations Worldwide,
: Aim to work in accordance not against other Associations
: Promote Competitive American Syllabus and host events for such,
: Promote Competitive International Syllabus
: Promote Social American Syllabus
: Promote Social International Syllabus
: Qualify Professionals & Students, if the skill, knowledge and talent is present, and not make money, or lack thereof, the deciding factor, thus providing a platform for all to grow.
: Set a scale of fees for the qualification and recognition of Amateurs and Professionals, which may be changed from time to time, but ensuring that those fees are low enough such that the majority may have access to those exams, DTA also will consider each and every plea from those unfortunate enough to not be able to afford those exams and if DTA finds the plea to be valid then DTA will attempt to supply the exam at no cost to the candidate.

DTA, Dance Teachers' Affiliation:


: WILL NOT Allow discrimination of Race, Gender, Association or Other,
: WILL NOT Aim at competing with other Associations, but rather build a South African Association that will accept, teach, qualify and promote both American (Competitive and Social) and International (Competitive and Social) Syllabii, Teachers and Student Bodies, not allowing Either Branch of Dancing to be Superior or Inferior,